Important Procedural Information About Exams*

SFU's Exam Policy

  • SFU's exam policy applies to all SFU online and distance education students.

Attending Exams as Scheduled

  • All on-campus exams are scheduled to be written at the SFU Burnaby campus. Students are expected to attend the exams as scheduled. If you are unable to attend an exam or have missed an exam see "Rescheduling a Traditional Distance Exam" below.

Where You Will Write Your Exam

  • If you are within Metro Vancouver (South of Squamish and West of Chilliwack), you are required to write your exam on the SFU Burnaby campus. If you are not within this area at the time of the scheduled exam, see "Out of Town Exams".

What to Bring to Your Exam

  • Acceptable photo ID is required! (Acceptable ID includes your SFU ID, driver's licence, or passport).
  • You may bring additional materials (such as a calculator or course notes) only if they are permitted. Refer to your course.

Rescheduling a Traditional Distance Exam

Guidelines for notifying us and providing supporting documentation. 
Below does not apply to instructor-led sections. If you are registered in these sections, please contact your instructor directly for any rescheduling requests.

When It Is Permitted

Rescheduling is only permitted for the following reasons:

  • Medical (documentation required).
  • Compassionate (documentation required).
  • Other (under extenuating circumstances, on a case by case basis). A rescheduling fee may be applied.

How To Reschedule a Traditional Distance Exam (C100, C200, C300)

For medical or compassionate reasons:

  • You must inform your course supervisor and contact codehelp@sfu.ca within 24 hours of the scheduled exam. All rescheduling requests must be approved. Tutor-markers are not authorized to approve the rescheduling of exams.
  • You must provide required supporting documentation (details below)  as soon as you obtain it. If acceptable documentation is not provided within 4 days of the exam, you may not be permitted to write the exam.
  • If you have been granted permission to reschedule your exam, we will determine when and where the exam will be written, and you will be notified by email.

For reasons "other" than medical or compassionate:

  • You must inform your course supervisor and contact codehelp@sfu.ca as soon as you are aware that you will not be able to write the exam as scheduled.
  • With the exception of an enrollment conflict, you will be required to provide supporting documentation at the time of the request.
  • If your request is approved, we will determine when and where the exam will be written.  


Providing Documentation

Requests to reschedule an exam for illness or compassionate reasons require supporting documentation.

  • Information regarding medical documentation is available at SFU Health and Counselling Services. If your rescheduling request is because you are ill, you will be required to provide a Certificate of Illness
  • We may contact your health care provider to confirm and/or request further documentation within Freedom of Information/Protection of Privacy guidelines. You will be contacted if additional information is required.
  • Although we will make every effort to follow up with you once you have contacted our office, it is your responsibility to keep in touch with us, responding to communications in a timely manner in order to ensure your exam is rescheduled without delay.