Flexible Learning: Tracey's Story

As a working mother of three - including one child with special needs and a Paralympics career - Tracey McDougall has had lots of practice juggling all of the ins and outs of a busy working and family life. So what happens when you add an education degree on top of that? Tracey found that out when she began her Bachelor of General Studies degree at SFU in 2008. With the assistance of online courses developed by the Centre For Online and Distance Education, Tracey was able to complete her degree part-time and take a huge step towards her dream of becoming a teacher. We caught up with her on the day of her convocation in June 2017 to find out how CODE played a key role in her pursuit of flexible learning. Check out the video above for the full story!

Tracey McDougall completed her Bachelor of General Studies degree, offered online through the Faculty of Education, in 2017. She minored in Early Learning, Curriculum, and Instruction and graduated with distinction. Tracey completed her Bachelor of Education through the PLP program in December 2018.

Video: Nathan Douglas, CODE Videographer | Music: "When I'm With You" by Scott Holmes / CC BY NC 4.0