SCD 410 - 4 - Green Buildings and Sustainable Communities

Description: This course will focus on contemporary Canadian housing policy and residential growth management issues, with emphasis on the role of local government and the community in shaping housing options. The course will also examine the role of affordable and appropriate housing as an essential component of community sustainability, and how housing can be a tool to promote community economic development. The objective of the course is to gain an understanding of a range of housing policy and affordable housing responses and how they relate to the principles of community economic development. 

Prerequisite: SCD 301 or permission of the SCD Director.

Students can enroll themselves directly in SCD 410 C100 (1812) on goSFU.

Students who wish to request a prerequisite waiver can contact or (please include your full name and SFU student number).

Note: Students who have already completed SCD 410 will only be given credit for the same topic once.