Online Certificate in Non-Profit Management for The Salvation Army and Booth University College

The Centre for Online and Distance Education (CODE) is collaborating with SFU Management and Professional Programs to develop an online Certificate in Business Management for The Salvation Army and Booth University College (affiliated with The Salvation Army).  The Salvation Army is Canada’s largest non-governmental social service provider.  Once developed, SFU intends to package these courses into an open enrollment online Certificate in Non-Profit Management (pending approval of the SFU Senate Committee on Continuing Studies).

For the Salvation Army’s purposes, the target audience for the program is officers and staff that are new to management in the non-profit and voluntary sector. The program will comprise at least four online courses, each 13 weeks in length, that focus on building knowledge and skills related to various areas of management, such as HR and Volunteer Management; Accounting and Financial Management; Strategy and Leadership; and Program Design, Grant Writing and Project Management. CODE will also develop an online readiness tutorial to help prepare program participants that are new to online learning.

Development of the program is supported by a grant from The Salvation Army Development Endowment Fund, which was established at SFU in 1989, by a generous gift from the late Dr. J. L. Wighton.  One of Dr. Wighton’s guiding philosophies was that education should lead to more effective leadership and have a positive social impact. The purpose of the endowment is to assist Salvation Army officers and personnel to pursue advanced educational opportunities through SFU.   Management and Professional Programs oversees this $3.3 million endowment and works with a Grants Committee to set program priorities.

The Salvation Army is one of the world’s largest social service agencies.  In the Canada and Bermuda Territory, The Salvation Army has 1,250 officers (clergy) and close to 11,000 employees, and operates over 150 social service institutions.  Along with the hundreds of Thrift Stores operated by The Salvation Army, its services include disaster relief, community and family services, summer camps, street youth services, homeless and addiction services, safe houses, and palliative care.

For more information contact:
Judy Smith
Simon Fraser University - Lifelong Learning, Continuing Studies