Anatomy of a Course: MATH 190


How do you redesign a face-to-face course for online delivery? How do you incorporate innovation and new technology into existing courses for maximum effect? These are some of the questions we’ve had to face in recent years, and we’re excited to share the story of a CODE course which offered some fascinating insights into the process.

Since 2013, CODE has worked with Mathematics Lecturer Dr. Petra Menz to bring “MATH 190 – Principles of Mathematics for Teachers” online. As a first step, the course was totally redesigned to suit an online learning environment that is inviting, comprehensive, hands-on, and reflective of today's student. CODE assisted in turning Petra’s vision of a multi-layered Canvas course container into reality.

But she didn’t stop there.

In 2014, in an effort to flesh out the concepts further, we filmed ten group activities that Petra had designed for her face-to-face version of the course. In these videos, student volunteers showcased how the mathematics unfolded and how their learning struggles were resolved. This became a rich learning resource for online students.

Finally, in 2016, CODE and Petra teamed up to film a series of 39 lightboard videos. These short concept-driven instructional video clips were created to help students understand difficult mathematical concepts and procedures in real time. In Petra’s own words, these videos demonstrate “how I am acting as a mathematician - diagramming, gesturing and speaking at the same time. it brings everything closer to the students.”

MATH 190 and Petra received unsolicited and overwhelmingly positive feedback from students. We’re thrilled at the response, and look forward to more collaboration with faculty to bring the best learning experiences to our students.