8:30 am - 5:00 pm – Registration

Coffee & Tea

8:30 am – 10:15 am – 4 concurrent sessions (1.75 hours)

13—Gothic Ships and Gothic Oceans   GUILFORD

Chair: Victor Sage

13 (A) Jaquelin Elliott (University of Florida US) “Transatlantic Haunted Houses: The Heterotopia of the Ship in Gothic Literature and New Traditions”
13 (B) Justin Van Wormer (City University of New York US) “The Sublime, Terrible Seas, and Poe’s Antarctic”
13 (C) Jason Haslam (Dalhousie University Canada) “The newly launched monster": The Titanic Horror of the Modern”

14—Southern Gothics, Gothic South   DENMAN                       

Chair:  Charles Crow

14 (A) Sherry R. Truffin (Campbell University US) “New Orleans as Gothic Capital”
14 (B) Agnieszka Soltysik Monnet (University of Lausanne Switzerland) “From the Jim Crow South to the Urban Jungle: African American Gothic and the Great Migration”
14 (C) Dara Downey (University College Dublin Ireland) “Witchcraft and Race in the Contemporary Southern Gothic Imagination”

15—Textual Migrations II: Adapting Gothic   NELSON

Chair: Katherine Bowers

15 (A) Katherine Bowers (University of British Columbia Canada) “Searching for Dostoevsky's Gothic Heroine: from Netochka to Nastas'ia Filippovna”
15 (B) Saundra Liggins (State University of New York at Fredonia US) “The Gothic Atlantic”
15 (C) Zofia Kolbuszewska (John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin Poland) “From a Gothic Text to a Neobaroque Cinema: Wojciech Jerzy Has’s Adaptation of James Hogg’s The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner”
15 (D) David Punter (University of Bristol UK) “Crimes of the Future”

16—Hysteria, Masquerades, Mother Figures & Mobile Victims   COMOX

Chair: Kelly Hurley

16 (A) Madison Chapman (American University US) “Mobility & Misreading: The Castle of Otranto & Victimhood’s Facilitation of Gothic Horror”
16 (B) Anne Williams (University of Georgia US ) “‘Celadon’:  A Case Study”
16 (C) Kelly Hurley (University of Colorado at Boulder US)
"Infernal Mechanism:  Conversion Hysteria in David Cronenberg's THE BROOD." 
16 (D) Melissa Bobe (Rutgers University US) “Broken Eggs and Bloody Chambers: The Significance of the Mother in Contemporary Global Bluebeard Revisions”

10:15 am – 10:45 am – Break for Coffee & Book Display Tables in Reception Foyer

10:45 am - 12:30 pm – 4 concurrent sessions (1.75 hours)


17— Gothic Music Infiltrates Scandinavia, Minstrelsy and the South   DENMAN

Chair: Catherine Girodet

17 (A) Catherine Girodet (Université Paul Valéry Montpellier III France) “Nick Cave and the American Southern Gothic: Hybridising the Tune”
17 (B) Antonio Alcalá González (Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico City) “Scandinavian Black Metal and the Return of the Past: The Case of the Black Metal Band, Emperor”
17 (C) Thomas Stuart (University of Western Ontario Canada) “Gothic Minstrelsy: Masquerade in Melville's Benito Cereno

18—Neoliberal & Consumerist Gothic  GUILFORD

Chair: Linnie Blake

18 (A) Linnie Blake (Manchester Metropolitan University UK) “The Monstrous Migrations of the Market: Carnivale’s Neoliberal Gothic”
18 (B) Barry Murnane (St John's College, Oxford UK) “In the Flesh and the Pharmacology of Everyday Life; or into and out of the Gothic”
18 (C) Susan Chaplin (Leeds Beckett University UK) “‘I am a tax-paying American and a small business owner’: Toleration, Taxation and Nationhood in Alan Ball’s True Blood.”

19—Migratory States: Unstable, Fantastical, Displaced & Exchanged Migrations   COMOX

Chair: Alexandra Lykissas

19 (A) Kate Gadsby-Mace (The University of Sheffield UK) “The Gothic Nation: Landscape, Architecture and the Wanderer in William Henry Ireland’s Gondez the Monk (1805)”
19 (B)  Charles Kipngeno Rono (Moi University Eldoret Kenya) “The Dead as the Living: Spectral Politics and Metaphorics of ‘Re-turn’ in Francis Imbuga’s Kafira Trilogy”
19 (C) Sue Zlosnik (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK) “Migratory States in the Gothic Fiction of Hilary Mantel”
19 (D) Caroline Winter, (University of Victoria BC Canada) “Exchange as Migration in Mary Shelley’s ‘Transformation’”

20—Gothic Media I:  Spectral Migrations   BARCLAY

Chair: Hildy Miller

20 (A) Neal Kirk (Lancaster University UK) “Proxies of Slender: Networked Spectrality and Slender Man”
20 (B) Derek Johnston (Queen's University, Belfast Northern Ireland) “Migrating M.R.James’ Christmas Ghost Stories to Television”
20 (C) Emma Cleary, (Staffordshire University UK) “Ghosts in the Phonograph: Tracking Postbody  Gothic in Esi Edugyan’s Half Blood Blues and Wayde Compton’s ’The Reinventing Wheel’”



1:15 pm - 2:00 pm – READING    BALLROOM

Wayde Compton

Reading: The Outer Harbour

Wayde Compton is a Vancouver writer whose books include After Canaan: Essays on Race, Writing, and Region; Performance Bond; Bluesprint: Black British Columbian Literature and Orature; and 49th Parallel Psalm. He is a co-founding member of the Hogan’s Alley Memorial Project, an organization dedicated to preserving the public memory of Vancouver’s original black community. Wayde Compton is also the program director of Creative Writing at Simon Fraser University Continuing Studies. His newest book, The Outer Harbour, a collection of short fiction, was published in 2014 by Arsenal Pulp Press.


2:00 pm - 2:15 pm – Break

2:15 pm - 3:15 pm – 2nd Plenary Address   BALLROOM

Julia Wright

Spooky Houses and the Unheimlich State

This paper takes as its starting point the use of the house to figure the state in Irish gothic from Burke to LeFanu, but then moves into twentieth-century tv and recent film to examine the ways in which houses and the unhoused in recent gothic call attention to the uncanniness of the state: its failure to be knowable, safe, familiar.  Truth instead resides in the material conditions that the state cannot acknowledge, conditions often grasped in recent works through homelessness and the sometimes formally jarring realism in which homeless people are depicted.  Moreover, gothic heroes in series and films that shine a light on this social issue are often squatters and nomads. They do not evoke the Route 66 ideal of being unhoused as freedom from the state but rather, in various ways, the radical on the run from the state that is a threat to its citizens.

Julia M. Wright is Professor of English at Dalhousie University, and a former Canada Research Chair in English & Cultural Studies (2002-05) and European Studies (2005-12). She has published widely on eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Irish literature and Romantic-era British literature, including her monographs Blake, Nationalism and the Politics of Alienation (2004), Ireland, India, and Nationalism in Nineteenth-Century Literature (2007), and Representing the National Landscape in Irish Romanticism(2014).  She has co-edited six volumes, as well as edited Irish Literature, 1750-1900: An Anthology (2008), the two-volume Companion to Irish Literature (2010), and Lady Morgan's novels, The Missionary (2002) and The O'Briens and the O'Flahertys (2013).  She has recently extended her work on the literary gothic into US television, with essays on Supernatural (2008) and Deadwood (2012). Her next book, Men with Stakes: Masculinity and the Gothic in US Television, is forthcoming from Manchester University Press.

3:15 pm - 3:35 pm – Break to Change Rooms & Refreshments in the Reception Foyer

3:35 pm - 5:15 pm – Roundtable and 4 Concurrent Sessions (1 hour 40 min)

ROUNDTABLE: Vancouver Gothic Film

Facilitator: William Dow (Bill Lee in Stargate, Dr. Charles Burks in The XFiles), actor and instructor at The Art Institute of Vancouver


William Dow,  The Art Institute of Vancouver Canada
Karen Budra,  Langara College  Canada
Alexandra Lykissas, Indiana University of Pennsylvania US
William B Davis, (cigarette smoking man of the X-files)                    

21—Textual Migrations III:  Source Texts, Intertexts, Subtexts  NELSON

Chair: Christopher Weimer

21 (A) Christopher Weimer (Oklahoma State University US) “Bonhote’s Spanish Prisoner: Calderón’s Life Is a Dream and Bungay Castle (1796)”
21 (B) Victor Sage (School of Literature, Drama, and Creative Writing (LDC), University of East Anglia, Norwich UK) “The Migration of ‘Little Peter’”
21 (C) Nozomi Saito (Boston University Arts and Sciences US) “Plays of Spirits: Pound’s Noh Plays as Gothic Translations”
21 (D) Xavier Aldana Reyes (Manchester Metropolitan University UK) “Spain’s Radical Readers? The Rise and Value of Anti-Clerical Gothic Translations during the Liberal Triennium”

22—The Vampire and the Posthuman   GUILFORD

Chair:  Chris Koenig-Woodyard

22 (A) Chris Koenig-Woodyard (University of Toronto Mississauga Canada) “The Vampire and the Posthuman: Following a Migrating Literary Form”
22  (B) Grace Cameron (Independent Scholar) "Vampiric (Re)Location from East to West, Transylvania to Bon Temps, Louisiana and subsequent integration into small town America as seen in Charlaine Harris's Southern Vampire Mysteries and HBO'S True Blood Series
22 (C) Elizabeth Way (Wake Forest University US) “The Novel Dracula; or, How the Count Won’t Be Shorthanded”

23—Migrating Gothic Drama   COMOX

Chair: Stephen Carleton

23 (A) Stephen Carleton (University of Queensland Australia) “Gothic Melodramatic Migrations from the London Stage to Australia in the 1860s-1880s”
23 (B) Tim Haner  (University of the Fraser Valley BC Canada) “Frankenstein and the Rhetoric of Shakespearean Tragedy”
23 (C) Jeaneen Kish (Indiana University of Pennsylvania US) “Joanna Baillie’s Orra and Female Madness”
23 (D) Edward Yang (Claremont Graduate University US) “Experimentation in Horace Walpole's The Castle of Otranto: Unnatural Spectacles Responding to Unnatural Acts”

24—Gothic Assemblages:  Horrific Mirth, Magic Horror & Mobs   BARCLAY

Chair:  David Punter

24 (A) Mackenzie Bartlett, (Mount Saint Vincent University Canada) “’Who’s laughing now?’: Monstrous Mirth from Frankenstein to The Evil Dead
24 (B) Katharina Rein (Bauhaus-University Weimar  / Humboldt-University Berlin Germany) “Magic Horrors: Spectacles of Violence in Stage Conjuring”
24 (C) Caitlin Rose Myers (The University of Arizona US) “Melmoth’s Mob as Posthuman Assemblage”

5:15 pm Sessions end.  Break for individual dinner.

Time:  7 pm  -  c 10 pm 


Venue:  THE CINEMATHEQUE  Theatre, 1131 Howe Street,
Discussion & preview:  William Dow, Julia Wright, Karen Budra
Films: Ginger Snaps, clips from XFiles & Supernatural

(Allow at least twenty to thirty min walk time from Coast Plaza)

By Bus: 

Take "6-Davie"  East down Davie to Howe;  
Exit at Howe,  and walk North on Howe mid-block to 1131.  

Bus schedule and directions for "6-Davie"

Drop down menu for "Bus Schedules",  enter 06 DAVIE/DOWNTOWN

(Going) Leaves every 8 min from Davie and Denman,  take 06 east bound for Howe (up one half block to Cinematheque);

(Return) Leaves every 15 min from Howe and Davie (to 11:45pm):  take 06 west bound for Davie and Denman (walk N. to Comox for Coast Plaza Hotel)