8:30 am - 9:30 pm – Registration

8:30 am - 10:15 am – 4 concurrent sessions (1.75 hours)

37—Centre & Hinterland, Heterotopias & Global Gothic

Chair: Steven Bruhm    DENMAN                                                           

37 (A) Emma Doolan (Queensland University of Technology Australia) “Unheimlich Hinterlands: Reading Australia’s East Coast Hinterlands as Gothic Spaces”
37 (B) Gisele Baxter (University of British Columbia Canada) “Bluebeard in Tasmania”
37 (C) Robert Miles (University of Victoria, Canada) “Charles Brockden Brown: Migration, Globalization, Conspiracy”
37 (D) Derek Gladwin (University of British Columbia Canada) “Gothic Spaces of Heterotopia in The Island of Dr. Moreau

38—Hidden, Veiled & Esoteric Migrations

Chair: Jason Haslam   COMOX

38 (A) Anna Shajirat (University of Washington US) “The Gothic Veil Revisited“
38 (B) Jamil Mustafa (Lewis University US) “Lifting the Veil: Allegory, Ambivalence, and the (Scottish) Gothic in The Bride of Lammermoor
38 (C) Aren Roukema (Birkbeck, University of London UK) “Gothic Interchange in Charles Williams’s Occult Fiction”

39—Hot-Land Gothic

Chair:  Maria Ignacia Barraza   BARCLAY

39 (A) Maria Ignacia Barraza  (Simon Fraser University Canada) “Ernesto Sabato’s On Heroes and Tombs: The Father Figure’s Acts of Transgression and the (Im)possibility of the Cleansing of Past Sins”
39 (B) Mark Deggan (Simon Fraser University Canada) “’The mysticism of visible things’: Gothic Ecologies & Colonial Performativity – The East Indies Gothicism of de Stille Kracht
39 (C) Gabriel Eljaiek-Rodríguez (Lawrence University US) “Sunseeker Vampires. Cuban Transformations of the Vampire Trope”

40 —Transhistorical Gothic, Not-so-New Gothic   GUILFORD

Chair:  Jerrold Hogle

40 (A) James Uden (Boston University US) “Roman Gothic: Horace Walpole and the Transhistorical Grotesque”
40 (B) Janet Chu (University of Stirling UK) “‘Neither in nor out of ‘Blackwood”’: From Blackwood’s Magazine’s Gothic Sensationalism to Poe’s Sensational Gothicism”
40 (C) Maria Parrino (University of Bristol (UK)) “‘Write my story and translate’. Mary Shelley’s reading, writing and translating

10:15 am - 10:45 am – Refreshment & Break

10:45 am - 12:30 – 4 Concurrent sessions (1.75 hours)

41—Gothic Media III:  Stage, Film, Chapbooks & Ghost Tours   DENMAN

Chair: Taylor Morphett

41 (A) Franz J Potter (National University US) “Migratory Gothic Chapbooks”
41 (B) Mary Luckhurst (University of Melbourne Australia) “Ghost Tours: Remappings of Trauma”
41 (C) Claudia Boutin (Independent Scholar) “'Someone Dressed In My Skin': Ian Curtis And The Gothic Cognition”

42—Southern Gothics: Transformed South   COMOX

Chair: Sascha Morrell

42 (A) Erika Rothberg (Loyola Marymount University US) “Truly Dead-Ends: Failed Journeys and Social Immobility in Flannery O’Connor’s ‘A Good Man is Hard to Find’ and ‘The Life You Save May Be Your Own’”
42 (B) Steven Bruhm (Western University Canada) “Queer Schadenfreude: The Case of the Southern Gothic”
42 (C) Sascha Morrell (University of New England, Australia) “Corpses without borders: Dickens’s Australia, Faulkner’s Caribbean and the itinerant undead”
42 (D) Sarah Baker (Auckland University of Technology NZ) “True Detective: The migration of the King in Yellow to the Gothic television series”

43—Trans-Plantation Gothic:  New Castles, Wildernesses & Verandahs   BARCLAY

Chair: Catherine Spooner

43 (A) Fernando Monteiro de Barros (Rio de Janeiro State University Brazil) “The decadent plantation big house as a haunted castle: Brazilian Gothic in Gilberto Freyre’s The masters and the slaves
43 (B) Anna Reid, (Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos, Mexico) “Horror in the Deep and Dark Recesses of the Forest”
43 (C) Katherine Wise (University of Montana US) “Expressing the Anxieties of English Colonial India in the American South: Bithia Mary Croker's “’The North Verandah’”

44—Settled and Unsettled Gothic   GUILFORD

Chair: Paulina Palmer

44 (A) Lindsey Bannister (Simon Fraser University Canada) “Unsettling Canadian True Crime: The Black Donnellys’s Settled Unsettlement”
44 (B) Deimantas Valanciunas (Vilnius University Lithuania) “Dark tales from Bollywood: Indian gothic horror cinema and the nation‘s Others”
44 (C) Alexandra Lykissas (Indiana University of Pennsylvania US) “Gothic Passions – Then and Now: A post-9/11 examination of the Gothic in the TV show Supernatural

12:30 - pm - 1:15 pm – Lunch (individual choice)

1:15 pm – 2:00 pm – Discussion period and conference wind up BALLROOM


DAY ENDS, Conference and Programme ends