Call for Papers

  • The biennial conference of the International Gothic Association is delighted to announce that it will be held at Simon Fraser University, in Vancouver, Canada on 28 July - Aug 1, 2015. Our host will the SFU Department of English.

    We invite submissions of paper and panel proposals based upon the theme of Gothic Migrations.

  • Gothic Migrations

    Since its inception, Gothic has been associated with mobility.  The gothic has always involved translation, adaptation, travel, diaspora, migration and their variations in the lost son or daughter, the absent father, the escaped slave or criminal, the disappeared family member,  the alien, underground networks, cross border movements of cults, banditti, terrorist and other conspiratorial webs. These themes have engaged gothic works and their criticism for some time and their significance is growing in a new global economy of the gothic.  As a result, the areas of gothic study have become increasingly wide ranging and now contest any singular root and any singular route of such migration.  Under the theme of roots we consider the patterns of place and stability, cultural centres, home, mother or father country, belonging, neighbourhood, any ancient locus, developed systems of privilege and aristocracy,  or stable gender, sexual norm, or class patterns.  We also include under roots, their underlying negations in the unheimlich, the underprivileged, the criminal, the decentred, the escaped, the alien, the other, rejected sexualities, or the hybrid. Under the theme of migrations, we consider the diasporic energies of the gothic, the migratory traces of vampires, wanderers, ghosts, demons, revenants, zombies, other supernatural tourists, phantasmal terrorists and gothic escapees of all kinds.  The conference will thus focus on the international circulation of literary, filmic, dramatic and digital Gothic, and the establishment of new and old Gothic traditions across the globe that are in search of, or have found, new homes.

  • Suggested Papers and Panels

    Papers and panels could consider, but are by no means limited to the following headings:

    How does the Gothic migrate? 
    How might we speak of a global Gothic when one considers the logistics of time and travel?
    Generic routes/roots of the Gothic: novel to play, poetry to novel, novel to digitial game, novel to film, etc
    Gothic Time and Time-travel
    Trans-continental routes of the Gothic
    Migratory routes of vampires, zombies, and Gothic wanderers more generally
    The worldy unheimlich
    Routes with no destination
    Circuits of gothic exchange
    Invasive Gothic
    Reverse Colonisations
    Supernatural Currencies
    Home and Away
    Gothic Cultural Machines
    Global Gothic Crime
    Tropical Gothic/Temperate Gothic
    World Literary Gothic
    Drugs, Machines, and Global Vampires
    Gothic tourism
    Lines of flight
    Gothic Cultural Trauma
    Networked Gothic and digital diasporas
    Gothic maps and itineraries
    Global Gothic, nationalism and cultural imperialism
    Local to glocal Gothics
    Gothic Wars