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Web and Mobile Development are the most common jobs in the technology sector for those who have advanced coding skills. Future Savvy teaches market ready skills in full stack and open source development to address skills gaps in today's labour market. You can learn web development at home, online and at your own pace, or conveniently fit our weekend open source bootcamp into your schedule.

What will you learn?

The Online Self-Paced Program is designed for those with no previous programming experience, or for those who may already have some coding skills in other areas. It takes you through "full stack" web development, which integrates "front end" and "back end" technologies. We have created a sequence of curated self-learning modules that take you from "client side" web development, or the browser elements that users interact with, to "server side" technologies that are the "back end" of more complex web applications. You will learn:

  • HTML 5: a markup language for organizing content on web pages
  • CSS 3: a markup language for stylizing web content
  • Javascript: a general purpose programming language of the web
  • PHP: a server-side language with an easy learning curve
  • Git: a version management tool, collaboration platform and public project repository

You can enroll any time and go at your own speed.

How much will it cost?

Access to the online suite is $50. We will be adding more areas of focus in the near future, and are starting with full stack web development as a foundation for future offerings. We curate self-learning modules from a variety of open online resources.

Register for the Online Self-Paced Modules in Full Stack Web Development

Online tutors are available for one-on-one help for $35 (CAD)/hour. You can also use social media to create peer groups and hire the online tutors to share the costs of tutorial help across the group.

Future Savvy Online Price Structure. All prices in Canadian Dollars.

Online Self-Paced Self-Learning Modules $50
Online Tutors (optional) $35/hour


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