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Future proof yourself for the new economy

Web and Mobile Development are the most common jobs in the technology sector for those who have advanced coding skills. Future Savvy teaches market ready skills in full stack and open source development to address skills gaps in today's labour market. You can learn web development at home, online and at your own pace, or conveniently fit our weekend open source bootcamp into your schedule.

What will you learn?

The Online Self-Paced Program is designed for those with no previous programming experience, or for those who may already have some coding skills in other areas. It takes you through "full stack" web development, which integrates "front end" and "back end" technologies. We have created a sequence of curated self-learning modules that take you from "client side" web development, or the browser elements that users interact with, to "server side" technologies that are the "back end" of more complex web applications. You will learn:

  • HTML 5: a markup language for organizing content on web pages
  • CSS 3: a markup language for stylizing web content
  • Javascript: a general purpose programming language of the web
  • PHP: a server-side language with an easy learning curve
  • Git: a version management tool, collaboration platform and public project repository

You can enroll any time and go at your own speed.

The Weekend Bootcamp in Open Source Development: If you do well in the online component, or if you already have a background in computer programming, you can apply to the Bootcamp in Open Source Development, which focuses on Git (public open source) projects, teamwork, shipping deliverable web products, and adds new backend technologies such as Ruby on Rails. For more information check Future Savvy bootcamp in open source development materials:

How much will it cost?

Access to the online suite is $50. We will be adding more areas of focus in the near future, and are starting with full stack web development as a foundation for future offerings. We curate self-learning modules from a variety of open online resources.

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The Bootcamp in Open Source Development is $5000. The bootcamp is a 15 week program with over 240 hours of instruction (approx. $20/hr).

Table Summary of Future Savvy Price Structure. All prices in Canadian Dollars.

Online Self-Paced Self-Learning Modules $50
Online Tutors (optional) $35/hour
15 Week Weekend Bootcamp in Open Source Development at The Centre for Digital Media $5000

Where and When is the Weekend Bootcamp in Open Source Development?

The bootcamp will run on weekends of 2017 (TBA) at the Centre for Digital Media. The bootcamp will run with a minimum of 15 students and a maximum of 25.

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What makes our bootcamp different?

  • You will focus on Git (public open source) projects, teamwork, shipping deliverable web products, and adds new backend technologies such as Ruby on Rails.
  • Our curriculum includes entrepreneurial components - the business models around open source - so that we train for creating your own startup as much as a career in web development.
  • At Centre for Digital Media, you will be networked with the incubators and accelerators at the heart of Vancouver's startup community.
  • Many bootcamps claim 60-100 hours of weekly instruction! We allow you to continue having a life beyond the bootcamp. The mind doesn't necessarily learn better by sleeping less.
  • We are very competitive in our pricing. Immersive full-time bootcamps typically range from $1000-3000/week of instruction.
  • We focus on the development cycle, particularly quality assurance, debugging, and producing shippable open source products.
  • All bootcamp graduates get free access to online self-paced programs which offer continual professional development after entering the industry.

Why open source?

What are the employment prospects?

The skills taught in Future Savvy programs focus on high demand job areas where there are currently significant skills gaps in the tech sector. Our curricula has been designed in consultation with industry to provide an opportunity for developing a portfolio of projects that clearly demonstrate your knowledge and competencies to prospective employers.

Partnership with Lighthouse Labs

Lighthouse Labs offers an annual scholarship, valued at a 50% discount to their Web or iOS Development Bootcamp, to an outstanding member of our bootcamp cohort. All Future Savvy graduates can also get a 20% discount to the Lighthouse Labs Intro to iOS Development course.

Can I get help?

We have put together a network of online tutors, whom you can hire any time for $35/hour. Also you can form peer groups and get free help from each other, either online or in person at local venues of your convenience, or create groups to share the cost of online tutors. We provide the tools to help you tailor your experience.

Who created Future Savvy?

Future Savvy is backed by the expertise at Simon Fraser University, which in 7 of the past 8 years has been rated by MacLeans as Canada's #1 Comprehensive University. Andrew Hawryshkewich and Michael Filimowicz in SFU's School of Interactive Arts and Technology have created the first Future Savvy programs, with future offerings coming by way of collaboration with other SFU Faculties.

Is there a credential?

Due to the skills gap in the current labour force, the tech sector is mostly interested in demonstrated competencies, rather than credentials. We will help you develop your personal portfolio of tech skills, and offer a certificate of completion. In the future we may also offer formal Certificates and Diplomas issued by Simon Fraser University.

What kind of jobs do these bootcamps train for?

We are training our students for "the new economy" (see below), specifically web and mobile development.

The New Economy

We use the term "new economy" rather than "knowledge economy" to better explain the paradigm shifts underway in the reorganization of human capital wrought by new technologies. The new economy is distinguished from the previous era of industrial production by "information transparency." Information transparency is the basis for the economic transformations created by networked technologies, such as internet based business, mobile apps, data driven products, user experience design, and social media which have replaced manufacturing as the main driver of economic growth for societies in the 21st century.

Today, practically every professional activity can be enhanced through programming skills. Programming can be applied by anyone, anywhere, for anything, due to the prevalence of the internet, smart and mobile technologies, and the future "internet of things."

Future Savvy’s online self-paced programs are designed to enhance general programming competencies across the widest possible range of personal and professional interests, so that anyone can take advantage of the power of programming. Our online program is not designed with the idea that everyone should become a software developer, but rather to allow anyone to integrate programming skills into their interests, projects, jobs and even leisure.

Our face-to-face bootcamps are modeled on the day-to-day activities of technology teams at a small startup company. We implement agile development principles and scrum methods to not just model or emulate a full development cycle, but to actually contribute to an open source project as a critical learning outcome.


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