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All CODE Courses

The complete list of all distance education online courses developed and offered through CODE. (This list does not reflect current offerings.)

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List of current CODE offerings

Course Title
ARCH 100-3 Ancient Peoples and Places
ARCH 131-3 Human Origins
ARCH 301-3 Ancient Visual Art
BISC 100-4 Introduction to Biology
BISC 113-3 Biology in Everyday Life
BISC 202-3 Genetics
BPK 105-3 Fundamentals of Human Structure and Function
BPK 110-3 Human Nutrition: Current Issues
BPK 111-3 Food and Food Safety
BPK 140-3 Contemporary Health Issues
BPK 142-3 Introduction to Kinesiology
BPK 143-3 Exercise: Health and Performance
BPK 212-3 Food and Society
BPK 310-3 Exercise/Work Physiology
BPK 311-3 Applied Human Nutrition
BPK 312-3 Nutrition for Fitness and Sport
BPK 325-3 Basic Human Anatomy
BPK 342-3 Active Health
BPK 375-3 Human Growth and Development
BPK 421-3 Selected Topics in Kinesiology II
BPK 422-3 Selected Topics in Kinesiology III: Aging Physiology
BPK 458-3 Prevention and Management of Cardiovascular Disease
BPK 461-3 Physiological Aspects of Aging
CHEM 110-3 Introductory Chemistry
CHIN 390-3 Advanced Chinese Reading
CMNS 110-3 Introduction to Communication Studies
CMNS 130-3 Communication and Social Change
CMNS 253W-3 Introduction to Information Technology: The New Media
CMNS 259-3 Sound Studies I: Listening, Culture and Society
CMNS 261-3 Documentary Research in Communication
CMNS 353-4 Topics in Technology and Society
CMNS 453-4 Issues in the Information Society
CMPT 110-3 Programming in Visual Basic
CMPT 165-3 Introduction to the Internet and the World Wide Web
CRIM 101-3 Introduction to Criminology
CRIM 103-3 Psychological Explanations of Criminal and Deviant Behaviour
CRIM 104-3 Sociological Explanations of Criminal and Deviant Behaviour
CRIM 131-3 Introduction to the Criminal Justice System - A Total System Approach
CRIM 135-3 Introduction to Canadian Law and Legal Institutions: A Criminal Justice Perspective
CRIM 205-3 Crime Myths
CRIM 210-3 Law, Youth and Young Offenders
CRIM 220-3 Research Methods in Criminology
CRIM 230-3 Criminal Law
CRIM 241-3 Introduction to Corrections
CRIM 300W-3 Current Theories and Perspectives in Criminology
CRIM 301-3 Crime in Contemporary Society
CRIM 310-3 Young Offenders and Criminal Justice: Advanced Topics
CRIM 312-3 Criminological Perspectives on Social Problems
CRIM 314-3 Mental Disorder, Criminality, and the Law
CRIM 315-4 Restorative Justice
CRIM 320-3 Quantitative Research Methods in Criminology
CRIM 321-3 Qualitative Research Methods in Criminology
CRIM 330-3 Criminal Procedure and Evidence
CRIM 331-3 Advanced Criminal Law
CRIM 332-3 Sociology of Law
CRIM 334-3 Law and Human Reproduction
CRIM 335-3 Human Rights and Civil Liberties
CRIM 338-3 Philosophy of Law
CRIM 343-3 Correctional Practice
CRIM 355-3 The Forensic Sciences
CRIM 369-4 Professional Ethics and Interpersonal Skills in Criminal Justice
CRIM 380-3 Introduction to Cybercrime
CRIM 402-3 Biological Explanations of Crime
CRIM 417-3 Current Issues in Criminology and Criminal Justice
CRIM 431-3 Comparative Criminal Justice Systems
CRIM 432-3 Gender in the Courts and the Legal Profession
CRIM 440-3 Correctional Administration and Planning
CRIM 449-3 Major Crime and Forensic Analysis for Law Enforcement
CRIM 453-3 Policing Illegal Drug Markets
CRIM 455-3 Advanced Issues in Policing
CRIM 458-3 Community Policing
CRIM 464-3 Street Gang Patterns and Policies
CRIM 480-3 Computer Forensics and Cybercrime
ECON 103-4 Principles of Microeconomics
EDUC 100W-3 Selected Questions and Issues in Education
EDUC 199-4 Foundations of Personal Agency: Finding Voice and Place in Academia
EDUC 220-3 Introduction to Educational Psychology
EDUC 222-3 Research Methods in Educational Psychology
EDUC 230-3
Introduction to Philosophy of Education
EDUC 252-4 Introduction to Reflective Practice
EDUC 313-3 Numeracy and Society
EDUC 315-3 Individual and Developmental Differenes in Language Acquisition
EDUC 322-3 The Social Lives of School Children
EDUC 326-3 Classroom Management and Discipline
EDUC 341-3 Literacy, Education and Culture
EDUC 351-3 Teaching the Older Adult
EDUC 352W-4 Building on Reflective Practice
EDUC 412W-4 Designs for Learning: Secondary Language Arts
EDUC 422-4 Learning Disabilities
EDUC 437-4 Ethical Issues in Education
EDUC 441-4 Multicultural and Anti-Racist Education
EDUC 445-4 Legal Context of Teaching
EDUC 446-4 Law for the Classroom Teacher
EDUC 448-4 Teaching About Justice, Law, and Citizenship
EDUC 464-4 Early Childhood Education
EDUC 465-4 Children's Literature
EDUC 466-4 Early Childhood Education: Curriculum and Instruction
EDUC 467-4 Curriculum and Instruction in Teaching English as an Additional Language
EDUC 471-4 Curriculum Development: Theory and Practice
EDUC 472-4 Designs for Learning: Elementary Language Arts
EDUC 475-4 Designs for Learning: Elementary Mathematics
EDUC 476-4 Designs for Learning: Elementary Science
EDUC 485W-8 Designs for Learning: Writing
EDUC 811-5 Fieldwork in Imaginative Educational Practice
EDUC 816-5 Developing Educational Programs
EDUC 820-5 Current Issues in Curriculum and Pedagogy
EDUC 823-5 Curriculum and Instruction in an Individual Teaching Specialty
ENGL 112W Literature Now
ENGL 114W Language and Purpose
ENGL 199W-3 Introduction to University Writing
ENGL 203-3 Early Modern Literature
ENGL 205-3 Restoration and Eighteenth Century Literature
ENGL 207-3 Twentieth Century Literatures in English
ENGL 304-4 Studies in Medieval Literature
ENGL 311-4 Early Shakespeare
ENGL 313-4 Late Shakespeare
ENGL 327-4 Studies in Romantic Literature
ENGL 330-4 Studies in Victorian Literature
ENGL 340-4 Twentieth Century British Literature to 1945
ENGL 357-4 Studies in Canadian Literature Since 1920
ENGL 359-4 Studies in the Literature of British Columbia
ENGL 487W-4 Topics in Children's Literature
FNST 101-3 Introduction to First Nations Studies
FNST 201W-3 Canadian Aboriginal Peoples' Perspectives on History
FNST 401-3 Aboriginal Rights and Government Relations
FPA 104-3 Music Fundamentals
FPA 140-3 Music after 1900
FPA 142-3 21st Century Music Appreciation
FPA 289-3 Selected Topics in the Fine and Performing Arts
FREN 120-3 French for Beginners
FREN 121-3 Introductory French I
GEOG 100-3 Society, Space, Environment: Introducing Human Geography
GEOG 162-3 Canada
GEOG 264-3 Canadian Cities
GEOG 268 Urban Food Systems
GEOG 312-4 Geography of Natural Hazards
GERM 104-3 German for Reading Knowledge I
GERO 300-3 Introduction to Gerontology
GERO 301-3 Research Methods in Gerontology
GERO 302-3 Health Promotion and Aging
GERO 403-3 Counselling Issues with Older Adults
GERO 404-3 Health and Illness in Later Life
GERO 406-3 Death and Dying
GERO 407-3 Nutrition and Aging
GERO 408-4 Families over the Life Course
GERO 413-3 Sexuality and Aging
GERO 420-4 Sociology of Aging
GRK 110-3 Modern Greek for Beginners I
GRK 160-3 Modern Greek for Beginners II
GRK 210-3 Modern Greek Intermediate I
GRK 260-3 Modern Greek Intermediate II
GSWS 101-3 Gender Talk
GSWS 102-3 Feminist Action
GSWS 204-3 Sex and the City
GSWS 312-4 Immigrants, Women and Transnational Migration
GSWS 319-4 Cripping the Norm: Disability Studies and its Intersections
GSWS 398W-4 Feminist Currents
HIST 277-3 History of Greek Civilization
HIST 278-3 The Greeks in the Ottoman Empire
HIST 304-4 Alexander the Great and the Quest for World Empire
HIST 307-4 ST: Greeks in the Ottoman Empire
HIST 338-4 World War II
HIST 339-4 The British Empire and Commonwealth
HS 277-3 History of Greek Civilization
HS 278-3 The Greeks in the Ottoman Empire
HS 304-4 Alexander the Great and the Quest for World Empire
HS 307-4 Selected Topics in Hellenic Studies
HSCI 304-3 Perspectives on Environmental Health
HSCI 330-3 Exploratory Strategies in Epidemiology
HSCI 458-3 Prevention and Management of Cardiovascular Disease
HSCI 471-3 Special Topics in Health Sciences I
HUM 102W-3 Classical Mythology
HUM 130-3 Introduction to Religious Studies
HUM 151-3 Ancient Greek I
HUM 152-3 Ancient Greek II
HUM 161-3 Latin I
HUM 162-3 Latin II
IAT 244-3 Digital Photography I
JAPN 100-3 Introduction to Japanese I
JAPN 101-3 Introduction to Japanese II
LBST 101-3 Introducing Labour Studies
LBST 301-3 Labour Movements: Contemporary Issues and Images
MACM 101-3 Discrete Mathematics I
MATH 150-4 Calculus I with Review
MATH 190-4 Principles of Mathematics for Teachers
POL 101W-3 Introduction to Politics and Government
POL 151-3 The Administration of Justice
POL 221-3 Introduction to Canadian Government
POL 222-3 Introduction to Canadian Politics
POL 232-3 US Politics
POL 241-3 Introduction to International Politics
POL 252-3 Local Democracy and Governance
POL 327-4 Globalization and the Canadian State
POL 343-4 Global Political Economy
POL 344-4 International Law
POL 346-4 International Organization
POL 447-4 Theories of Global Political Economy
PSYC 106-3 Psychological Issues in Contemporary Society
PSYC 250-3 Introduction to Developmental Psychology
PSYC 268-3 Introduction to Law and Psychology
PSYC 280-3 Introduction to Biological Psychology
PSYC 376-3 Experimental Psychology and Law
PSYC 379-3 Clinical Forensic Psychology
PSYC 388-3 Biological Rhythms and Sleep
PUB 355W-4 Online Marketing for Publishers
PUB 371-4 The Structure of the Book Publishing Industry in Canada
PUB 372-4 The Publishing Process
SA 100W-4 Perspectives on Canadian Society
SA 101-4 Introduction to Anthropology
SA 150-4 Introduction to Sociology
SA 201W-4 Anthropology and Contemporary Life
SA 203-4 Violence in War and Peace
SA 250-4 Introduction to Sociological Theory
SA 316-4 Tourism and Social Policy
SA 345-4 Race, Immigration, and the Canadian State
SA 355-4 Quantitative Methods
SA 356W-4 Ethnography and Qualitative Methods
SA 358-4 The Philosophy of the Social Sciences
SA 363-4 Process of Development and Underdevelopment
SA 420-4 Sociology of Aging
SCD 201-3 Introduction to Sustainable Community Development
SCD 301-4 Sustainable Community Development Theory and Practice
SCD 401-4 Social Enterprise for Sustainable Community Development
SCD 403-4
Leadership in Sustainable Community Development
SCD 410-4 Special Topics in Sustainable Community Development: Housing and Community Sustainability
SPAN 102-3 Introductory Spanish I
SPAN 103-3 Introductory Spanish II
SPAN 301-3 Advanced Spanish Grammar and Writing
STAT 101-3 Introduction to Statistics
STAT 201-3 Statistics for the Life Sciences
STAT 203-3 Introduction to Statistics for the Social Sciences
STAT 270-3
Introduction to Probability and Statistics
WL 100-3 Introduction to World Literature
WL 104W-3 Modern World Literature