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Brian Naicker

Phone: 778-782-3850 (Director's Assistant)

Responsible for the strategic direction and management of SFU's online and distance programs, including CODE's relationship within the public and private sector as well as post-secondary institutions provincially, nationally, and internationally.

Associate Directors

Alan Doree (ON LEAVE)

Phone: 778-782-6609

Dr. Kanthi Jayasundera

Phone: 778-782-6549


Program Directors

The program directors work in partnership with academic units to initiate, develop, and support the delivery of online education programs.

Farnaz Badiee

Phone: 778-782-5005

Academic areas: Archaeology, Chinese, Computing Science, French, Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies, German, Greek, Hellenic Studies, History, Interactive Arts and Technology, Japanese, Mathematics, Math for Computing Science, Spanish, Statistics, and Sustainable Community Development.

Dr. Dianne Jamieson-Noel

Phone: 778-782-7151

Academic areas: Criminology, Certificate in Imaginative Education, Masters in Applied Legal Studies, and Masters in Terrorism.

Non-credit: SD41 Entrepreneurship, SD41 Transitions, and SD41 Social Science.

Dr. Barry Magrill

Phone: 778-782-5009

Academic areas: Contemporary Arts, Economics, First Nations, Geography, Gerontology, Humanities, Labour Studies, Sociology/Anthropology, and Urban Studies.

Dr. Rob McTavish (ON LEAVE)


Shashi Seth

Phone: 778-782-5294

Academic areas: Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology, Communication, Health Sciences, Psychology, and Publishing

Dr. Alexander Stewart 

Phone: 778-782-4354

Academic areas: Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, and Education.

Dr. Ranga Venkatachary

Phone: 778-782-8973

Academic areas: Beedie School of Business course projects, English, Political Science, World Literature, and Graduate Diploma in Business Administration.

Non-credit: Business Writing Essentials.

Administrative Manager

Christine Lundie

Phone: 778-782-4834


Professional, Technical, and Support Staff

If you require any assistance, the most efficient way to receive a response is to submit a ticket at the CODE Helpdesk. Your enquiry will be directed to the correct person.

Our staff demonstrate expertise in instructional design, multimedia production, graphic design, copyright, web development, registration, exam administration, course materials, technological systems, and evaluation and assessment of learning.

Organized into teams with different, but complementary functions, (e.g., student services, course production, course materials, and information technology), CODE staff work in partnership with SFU’s academic units and faculty to plan, develop, and deliver our online and distance courses. CODE also provides ongoing support to students, tutor-markers, course authors, and course supervisors to ensure the highest quality of distance and online learning educational products and services possible.