About Us

The Centre for Online and Distance Education (CODE) develops and administers distance education online courses for SFU.

The people behind the development and administration of the Centre for Online and Distance Education distance and online courses.

Our office is located on the SFU Burnaby campus.

Quality Learning

The Centre for Online and Distance Education (CODE) at Simon Fraser University was established in 1975, and has grown to be one of the largest distance education online programs in Canada, with course offerings spanning a wide range of academic areas.

CODE is proud to provide quality learning opportunities for those who are looking for an alternate way to fulfill their academic and professional development goals. We strive to prepare students for success in a constantly changing world.

Earn University Credit While You Live Your Life

CODE offers the flexibility you need to earn university credit and still meet your other obligations, such as work, family, and university sports. You can continue to take courses during terms when travel or work keeps you away from campus, or when schedules conflict with classroom-based courses. And all courses taken through CODE apply directly to SFU credit programs.

You can work through the course material each week at a time that works for you, and at the same time stay on track because all courses have specific dates on which you must submit an assignment or write an exam.  University study has never been so accessible. 

Excellence in Distance Education Online Course Delivery

At CODE, we're committed to exploring new online technologies to improve course delivery, and support learning that is accessible. We routinely refine our distance education online course design and delivery as new technologies and standards emerge.

Many of our courses use current technologies to enhance your learning experience. You can take part in online discussions, work with groups, connect with classmates, watch videos, and use learning objects to grasp key concepts, in your own space and according to your own schedule, at home or on the road. Weekly course guidelines, assignment deadlines, and exam schedules help keep you on track, so you can complete your courses successfully and on time.

Distance education online courses at SFU bring you the same high value and satisfaction as an SFU face-to-face course, with the added bonus of content that's been designed and edited by specialists in the field of distance education online learning.

  • Courses are designed by the same professors teaching the face-to-face courses at SFU
  • Courses are continuously revised and updated to ensure students are getting the most up-to-date information in their chosen field of study.
  • To leverage the distance education online delivery media for the best learning outcomes, the faculties are assisted by a team of specialists from CODE.

Partners All Over the Globe

Our operating philosophy is one of participatory development, leading to long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships. In addition to our undergraduate and graduate courses, CODE has developed partnerships with provincial, national, and international organizations.

  • We have also recently developed a partnership with the Salvation Army.
  • The focus of projects to date has been institutional capacity building for the provision of distance education.
  • CODE staff have also provided collaborative consulting services in program evaluation, needs assessment, instructional design and material development, and educational technology.